Stratos Embouchure System

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Stratos Embouchure System


Practice Aid


This high-quality embouchure system is simply attached to your instrument or existing mouthpiece whilst you play or practise. STRATOS Encore Pro reduces mouthpiece pressure and ensures a good jaw position taking away the need to “think” about position and pressure. Practising with STRATOS Encore Pro re-educates your muscles and nerves and allows you to adopt your improved embouchure position naturally, even after you remove it from your instrument. This allows you to concentrate on other aspects of your playing, and you can relax back into better and better performances. STRATOS Encore Pro has been shown to help solve many embouchure problems. It also gives improvements in power, range, tone, and stamina allowing you to play with more ease and greater flexibility.


  • Power without pressure
  • Tone without tension
  • Range without resistance