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If you have found this page then my link has worked and it is a place where I can tell you about a great Forex investment i have joined

Welcome to my Weekly Passive Income Page
My name is Dan and I have invested in a Crypto Currency Scheme with a freelance trader

This page is designed to help give you the info you need to join me on my journey

Please see the details of what to do below and remember to let David know that you are a referal from “Dan Smith”

1. Read the Frequently Asked Questions complied by
Group members at the bottom of this post. PLEASE
DO NOT SKIP READING IT. It includes payment rules, affiliate rules and much more.
2. If you want to pay with Bitcoin, then have your Bitcoin purchased and ready in your wallet. If you want to send another coin, skip this step
and you’ll be able to ask me once you connect with me.
3. Send me a Friend Request.
4. Now that you have finished steps 1-3 place a comment
below this post:
COMMENT: “Steps 1-3 are done. Ready, Please contact me”
5. Wait for my reply to finalize the transfer details.
1. What happens after I join the group?
Go to the Announcement section and follow through.
If you are reading this, you are already in the
announcement section.
Please make sure to read it completely.
All you have to do is decide how much you want to invest.
Your earning will be according to the chart shown below.
Every week a 30%-40% weekly reinvestment is REQUIRED.
Of course, you can choose to reinvest 50% weekly
or 70% weekly or 100% weekly to grow your principal.
Many people choose to reinvest 100% in their first months
to grow their principal investment so they can earn
more profits, and it is recommended.
In the long run, your principal investment will grow
quicker and your future profits as well!
Referring new investors is OPTIONAL.
However, referring new investors will determine
the 30% reinvest or 40% reinvest in order to reward
active members as follows:
A 40% weekly reinvest is required for all investors
who did NOT refer any new investors for the week.
A 30% weekly reinvest is required for all investors
who referred ONE OR MORE new investors for the week.
For example:
If you referred an active investor on the 2nd week of July,
your reinvestment requirement will be 30% for that week.
If you did NOT refer any new active investors
in the 3rd week of July, then for the 3rd week
of July – your min. reinvest requirement is 40%.
In addition, when you refer a new investor you will
also receive 1% more of your regular
weekly profits, PER new investor, for that week.
For example:
If you bring in 1 new investor in the 2nd week of July.
and your profits are at 10%, then for that week your
profits will increase to 11%.
If you bring in 2 new investors in the 2nd week of July
and your profits are at 10% for that week, then your profits
will increase to 12% for that week.
If you bring in 3 new investors in the 2nd week of July
and your profits are at 10% for that week, your profits
will increase to 13% for that week.
So you will be rewarded greatly for referring new investors
in the week that you referred them.
Below is the chart that determines your investment
profits for each week based on 30%-40% RULE described
$500 – $2000 Capital – you earn 10%
$2000 – $5000 Capital – you earn 15%
$5000 – $8000 Capital – you earn 17%
$8000 – $15K Capital – you earn 20%
$15K – 25K Capital – you earn 23%
$25k – 34999 Capital – you earn 27%
1BTC – 4BTC Capital – you earn 35%
5BTC & above Capital- you earn 50%
Once you are ready to invest, and you follow step 1-4,
you’ll be able to chat with David and finalize the funds
transfer details.
Please make sure to let him know that you have read and understand the NEW PAYMENT
3. How can he pay us so much?
If you do the math you will see that you are paid anywhere from
1.5% – 4% daily on the lower levels. It’s normal for a good trader to earn that or more. It’s what other companies are paying and what many bots pay.
On the higher levels it’s possible due to the high investment.
4. What day do I get paid on?
You get paid on the day of deposit. So if you started on Friday
for example, your pay day is going to always be Friday.
5. When do I get back my capital investment?
You get it back in one year. David uses your
deposit to trade with for one year.
6. Do I remind David when profits are due?
No, David will remind you… and ask for your Wallet.
Every time you get paid, David will ask for your wallet,
in case it has changed.
7. How long has this been going on?
David has been trading for 8 years and started this group in late 2020.
8. Are there any referral commissions?
Yes, you earn 10% on your referrals Initial deposit.
You will Also earn 1% more per new active investor
on your weekly profits for the week.
9. What do you recommend I start with?
Whatever you can. But with a min of 2K deposit you will be
able to compound fast and reach higher percent.
10. Are there any withdrawal fees?
No. You get 100% of what is shown in the chart.
However, there are weekly reinvest requirements.
of 30%-40%. Please refer back to Question #2 above.
11. Can I make my deposit with any other coin or just bitcoin?
Yes, you can pay with other coins –
Just go over it with David before sending.
12. What if I have more questions?
Since we are trying to get efficient as the group is growing, and we
don’t want David to be busy with questions anyone can answer, please
get back with the person who invited you to the group and see if he can answer more questions.
If not, see if you can find someone in the group that you know
who can answer. If you still have questions nobody could answer,
you may ask David.
Congratulations on your decision!