We offer a brass musical instrument maintenence and repair service carried out by a NAMIR accredited technician with over 17 years experience.  We have set prices for instrument servicing but repairs such as dent removal, stuck valves and slides, soldering, instrument modification etc. are POA.


Servicing includes a strip down, internal clean, Ultrasonic cleaning of slides and valves, assembly with replacement spares and polish.

Cornet, Trumpet £45.00 +VAT
Tenor Horn £50.00 +VAT
Baritone £55.00 VAT
French Horn £70.00 + VAT
Euphonium £70.00 + VAT
Trombone £55.00 + VAT
Tuba £120.00 + VAT

Brass Repairs

Here is an idea of charges for various repairs  All Prices are exclusive of VAT & any necessary component parts but all repairs are POA

Stuck or sticking valve £15.00
Creases in Bell £25.00 – £150
Stuck Slide £15.00
Solder joint £15.00
Mouthpiece Removal £5.00
Slide allignment £25.00
Dents in bottom bow £60.00 – £150.00
Dents Elswhere £15.00 – £60.00