Classic Tuba Mouthpiece – Gold Plated 3L

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Classic Tuba Mouthpiece – Gold Plated 3L


Tuba Mouthpiece

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Our most popular orchestral model, this has a rounded cup, huge throat and backbore and makes a rich organ-like sound. It seems to suffer fewer intonation problems than the VB 24AW, although strong chops are needed to maintain the pitch in very top register, as the throat is so huge. Massive low register – this transforms the sound of E flat tubas into a really full-toned orchestral instrument. Also a great band mouthpiece, as it makes a very ‘blending’ luxuriant sound. Excellent feeling of security with a well-defined inner edge to the rim.
Cup diameter: 31.5mm.
Rim width: 8mm.
Throat: 8.78mm.
Backbore: Large barrel. Large shank.

From solo literature to orchestral performance, Denis Wick tuba mouthpieces meet the requirements of every musical style. All models have great flexibility, produce a rich sound and have clear overtones.